Terms & Conditions Sedallo LLC

These general sales terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to all orders placed with Sedallo LLC by Customers. By placing an order with Sedallo LLC, the Customer acknowledges that they have received, read, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

All orders are subject to acceptance by Sedallo LLC, which will be confirmed with an official purchase order. Acceptance of an order is conditional on the client’s agreement and acceptance of all our terms and conditions contained herein. These terms and conditions represent the complete and exclusive agreement of the parties. Sedallo LLC will not modify any of these terms even if it ships the product upon receipt of the buyer’s purchase order, shipping request, or similar forms containing printed terms and conditions contradictory or incompatible with the terms herein.
All prices are net wholesale and exclude any taxes and freight charges. Clients placing an order must have a valid Certificate of Resale, or applicable sales tax will be added to the price. Prices are subject to change, and Sedallo LLC reserves the right to discontinue any pattern or color without prior notice.
All accounts are pro forma unless specified otherwise on the proforma. Payment is required prior to shipping via credit card, ACH, check, or wire transfer. Payments above $15,000 must be made by check or wire transfer. A deposit of 50% of the order value is required to confirm the order fulfillment for goods that are not in stock and require production to be initiated.

Shipments within the USA territory are sent via FedEx Ground without requiring a signature. If you require signature delivery, please indicate it in your order. For international shipments, please contact our customer service. Lead times vary depending on the product. Fabrics in stock normally ship within 3 business days after receipt of payment.

Special production
To place a fabric into production if it is not in stock, full payment is required, and the order will be considered final sale. All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only and subject to change; Sedallo LLC will provide notice in such cases. Sedallo LLC is not responsible for delays in completion or shipment due to force majeure or causes beyond its reasonable control.
Purchasers are not entitled to cancel sales due to unexpected delays.

Cancellation and Return of Products
Orders that have already been cut and/or shipped cannot be cancelled. Orders for which production has already been launched cannot be cancelled. If a client requests a return of goods that have already been shipped, and we are able to accommodate the request, a 30% restocking fee will be charged. Returns require written approval from Sedallo LLC and will only be accepted if
the goods are in their original, unopened packaging and in perfect condition.

Minimum Orders
The minimum order is 2 yards. For items marked as “sold by panel,” the minimum order is one panel and a multiple of it.
Reserves can be placed on fabrics in stock for up to 10 days, with the option to extend for an additional 10 days if necessary. When a reserve expires, the inventory hold will be released, and a new reserve must be instated.

Cutting for Approval (CFA)
This service is offered for orders above 5 yards. For orders below 5 yards, CFA can be shipped for a fee of $30. Clients may waive a CFA if desired. CFA approvals must be submitted in writing and serve as official authorization from the client to ship the product and verify that all order details are correct. Please note that CFAs are not offered for certain specific products with patterns or those sold by panels. CFAs are shipped via USPS and can be rushed with a client-supplied FedEx or UPS account number.

Acceptance of Goods – Claims
Upon receipt of the Products, the Client is required to examine them immediately. If any loss or visible damage is detected due to transportation, the Client must ensure that the carrier’s delivery slip includes a notation of the defect and a picture of the damage. Failure to notify the relevant carrier and Sedallo promptly will result in the Client losing the right to submit claims in this regard. The Client is required to conduct a thorough examination of the Products before commencing any use, such as cutting or mounting, and must report to the Sedallo any visible defects in the Products within 2 weeks of receipt. Claims for defects that could or should have been identified during such examination cannot be made at a later date. In the event of hidden defects that were not detectable within the time periods specified above, the Client must report them to Sedallo as soon as they become aware of, or should have become aware of, the defects.
It is necessary to provide written notice of any defects, which must include a copy of the invoice and photos of the defect.

Sedallo LLC’s liability is strictly limited to the value of the invoiced fabrics.
Shipping to a workroom or different address
If the fabrics need to be delivered to the final customer or a different recipient, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the products are received and inspected by the receiver and that they meet the order requirements. The customer is responsible for providing all necessary guidelines to the workroom or upholsterer regarding product and color description, face application, and any other relevant information. All workroom/upholsterer orders should include an identification cutting (we suggest sending a cutting reference in advance to validate the goods before cutting). The customer retains full discretion over the end use of Sedallo products.

Handling of Velvet Shipments
Velvets fabrics are shipped in special boxes, with lateral suspensions to protect pile quality and avoid crushing and with warning notes on the boxes instructing to keep horizontal. Upon receipt, inspect the velvet immediately and store flat. Sedallo LLC is not responsible for damages caused by improper storage or handling after shipment. Always store a roll of velvet in a horizontal and hanging position, either in a special shelving system or in the original box within its suspension. Claims for damage must be made within 48 hours of delivery. Improper storage (e.g. stacking the box) can cause wrinkles, pile streaks or crushing. Claims for damage from improper storage or handling or failure to inspect within 48 hours will not be accepted. If a claim is accepted, the damaged items must be returned in their original packaging.

The descriptions of Sedallo’s fabrics on sample tags, website, and price lists are provided for suggestive purposes only. The customer acknowledges that the weight and width may vary slightly from one batch to another (+/- 5%). Sedallo reserves the right to change the attributes of its products without notice. If certain attributes are crucial for the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to mention them when placing an order so that Sedallo can provide the latest available guaranteed data.
Commercially tolerable color variations may occur among production lots. If an exact color match is required, the customer must request a CFA (Cutting for Approval) when placing the order.
Please note that images of the products as seen on computer’s, tablet’s, phone’s screens do not always accurately represent the real color.
The appropriateness of using Sedallo products is solely the responsibility of the customer. Sedallo cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the product and advises customers to consult with a professional upholsterer or workroom to verify proper usage and care. Products shown in advertising, photography, or editorials may not suggest how the product should be used. Fabric shrinkage can vary depending on the composition and construction. Natural fibers may have variations in dimensions up to 5% in both length and width. Some fibers are more sensitive than others, such as viscose which is particularly sensitive to humidity variations compared to polyester. We recommend following our care instructions as printed on our samples.
The product, as displayed in advertising, photography, or editorials, may not accurately depict how it should be used. Fabric shrinkage can vary depending on its composition and construction. Natural fibers can have up to a 5% variation in dimensions, including both length and width, with some fibers being more sensitive than others, such as viscose being particularly sensitive to humidity variations compared to polyester. We advise following the care instructions we provide with our samples.
For velvets and chenille, natural shading or crushing may occur and cause changes in light reflection. We will not accept complaints based on these natural elements of the fabrics. Flame proofing, stain-repellency treatments, and similar treatments can alter the color, texture, and hand of the fabric. We offer the option to perform such treatments upon customer request, but we recommend performing a test beforehand. Please note that such treatments are done under the customer’s sole responsibility. Natural Fibers: irregularities in shade and texture are integral to the character of textiles utilizing natural fibers, as such, color matches cannot always be guaranteed. If an exact color match is required, a CFA (Cutting For Approval) must be requested when an order is submitted.