Product Care

On this page, you will find useful information about SEDALLO products care.

stain-repellent finish

Our credo is that fabrics not only should be beautiful, with fine colors and pleasant to the touch, but also comfortable to use and maintain. That is why most of our fabrics are treated with Alta™ stain-repellent finish.
  • Stain repellency: oil and water based stains
  • Easy cleanability
  • Permanent

Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Free of any solvents or VOCs
  • Water-based technology
  • Complies with EPA, CAL Prop 65 and REACH standards


With Alta™ you can rest assured that the fabrics used in any application of the hospitality or residential environment will perform for years to come.

without treatment

with stain-repellent treatment

How to clean spills on fabrics treated with Alta™ stain-repellent finish

Cleaning 18 hours stains on fabrics treated with Alta™ stain-repellent finish